Macbeth was sad for Duncan’s death and Malcolm and Donaldbain killed their gracious father. Also the slaves of drink were captured by sleep. Macbeth only killed Duncan so he could become King of Scotland which was very cruel. In my opinion it was a very selfish idea to do because in his plan she was […]

I think he’s feeling guilty because he killed Duncan and banquo and he also means that he will seek out the blood of the murderer.

It was a dark stormy night when John was approached by his mother to go fetch her a few things. While John was walking he could see shadows and he could hear screeching and loud noises. He looked around himself and he never noticed he was trapped in a forest he was puzzled and scared. […]

A real life story A little time ago when i was 1 I loved Chelsea. I was a big fan of them I always watched there matches. It was great fun I loved my childhood.But the best part was watching my favourite player Didier Drogba he was my best player because he had courage to […]

The evidence that I’ve seen is suspicious because in my opinion i think that he’s just wearing a striped pyjamas getting ready to sleep.The story might be about a lonely boy that lost his parent and feels abandoned. His facial expression looks sad because no would like it if they were in prison. He maybe […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway